Our leadership coaching, rubrics, surveys, interviews
and observation tools allow us to look deeply at school
leadership and focus on strategies for success. 
We help school boards, district administrators and
school staff members understand their roles in ensuring
that school leaders have the support they need to succeed.

School Synergy helps leaders establish or reestablish the processes and procedures necessary to have the time to concentrate on maintaining an unwavering focus on student learning.  Using what is working in the nation’s most effective schools, we work with school and district leaders to ensure that the school’s instructional program is strong and well-supported by all levels of the school system and the community.  We help leaders clear out the clutter of those day-to-day activities that can take up so much time that there is little left for instructional leadership. 


School Synergy


We help leaders build a positive climate in which academic achievement is the primary goal and ensure that there are effective poli­cies, procedures and resources in place to support that goal.  We work with the principal as he or she creates the supports necessary to ensure teachers focus on teaching and learning. Principals will learn to use powerful classroom observation and coaching strategies to increase and maintain a focus on high quality instruction and assessment.  

Please contact us to discuss how School Synergy could assist you with leadership support.

School Synergy
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