School Synergy provides states and districts with guidance
and technical assistance on effective practices and strategies
in the implementation of ESEA/NCLB Title I and Title II
programs. Dawn Billings and Mardale Dunsworth, founding
partners of School Synergy, were each state level directors
of federal programs and have extensive experience in both
meeting federal requirements and in implementing federal programs to meet the unique needs of states and districts.  They have been integrally involved in federal program administration throughout the last and current reauthorization of ESEA and are deeply knowledgeable about state level impact, planning for change, and implementation of federal regulations.

School Synergy has deep expertise and a proven track record in providing:

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Federal planning requires broad outreach to a variety of stakeholders.  Using a facilitated decision making model, School Synergy assists states in gathering input from all stakeholders and has a extensive experience in assisting states in designing and writing state plans approved by the US Department of Education. 

In addition, we assist states in implementing federal programs through provision of policy development and project management to ensure system alignment.  School Synergy has developed a variety of data collection systems for federal program data collection and monitoring needs as well as tools to assist schools and districts analyze state and local student performance data.  Our school improvement work provides support for schools in all phases of compliance with federal requirements.

Please contact us to discuss how School Synergy could assist you with federal program assistance in your state or district.  We have the expertise and experience to reduce the burden of administering federal programs.

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