The High Performing School:
Benchmarking the 10 of Indicators Effectiveness

I would recommend this book to any administrator, because it gives a clear and
complete vision of what is needed to make a difference at the school level.
If I were a professor teaching administrative courses, this book would be required reading.
Anita L. Archer, Education Consultant
School Synergy

“With such detailed guidance, I could definitely replicate the effective process outlined in this book in my district.” 
Jon P. Bridges, Administrator for Accountability, Beaverton School District

“Schools can access summarized, applied, current research that is clearly explained, exampled, documented, and aligned to the school review tools and the step-by-step school review process, including tips for shortcuts and what not to skip. Mardale Dunsworth and Dawn Billings not only have deep hands-on knowledge of the school review process that they describe; they fully intend for schools to be able to replicate the same process.”
Julie Anderson, English Language Arts Specialist, OR Department of Education

“Many states, districts, and schools are trying to improve the effectiveness of student learning. This book is a fabulous tool for them to organize their work around.
Marilyn Simpson, Author of Professional Development IN ACTION

“If ever there was a research-into-practice "must-have" for school staff, this surely is it! Dunsworth and Billings have accomplished what has eluded others--they've clearly summarized the research buttressing 10 key indicators of successful schools and positioned each component summary next to a "how-to-do-it" rubric! What is more, it is not an overwhelming handbook, but, in fact, a "doable" roadmap for schools desiring to stay the course and change overtime. Professional learning communities can work from "The High-performing School" and make a difference!”
Reader Rating Posted at Barnes & Noble October 16, 2009

 A must read for school administrators. If ever there were a magic wand to expand upon the strengths and identify and correct the weaknesses of schools, this book is it. Dunsworth and Billings have researched the practices and ideas of the best and brightest among their education peers and have created a single reference that can provide positive results in the classroom. This work contains all the reproducible tools and step by step processes school leaders need to assess the essential elements of their schools. My suggestion to those looking at this work - Buy it! Read it! Put it in practice in your school!”
Reader Rating Posted at Barnes and Noble August 27, 2009

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