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Published in 2009, The High Performing School:
Benchmarking the 10 Indicators of Effectiveness

captures in one publication a compendium of research
on effective schools and provides a step-by-step process
to determine the degree to which the characteristics of
high performing schools are present in your school.

The High Performing School

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   Benchmarking the 10 Indicators of Effectiveness

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The High Performing School:  Benchmarking the 10 Indicators of Effectiveness

By Mardale Dunsworth and Dawn Billings 

The High-Performing School provides actionable information in two areas.  First is a research brief on the key characteristics of effective schools.  Organized into broad themes, these 10 Effectiveness Indicators and accompanying rubrics describe the characteristics of effective, high and low performing schools and the research base that underlies each of the identified characteristics.  Second is a complete description of the step-by-step benchmarking process we have used successfully in schools of all grade levels, sizes, and demographics for almost a decade.

The heart of the process is the on-site school review, a cooperative venture between a review team and a school's administrators, teachers, and students. The team members spend several days learning about the state of the overall program by conducting interviews, administering surveys, observing classes, reviewing student work and examining data reports and other documents.

The information gathered is then used to compare the school's performance on 10 Effectiveness Indicators which depict the practices that research has shown to be in place in high-performing schools. Recommendations for specific steps the school can take to increase student learning grow directly from the comparison.

All of the tools used in planning and coordinating the review, collecting evidence for the evaluation, and communicating among the many parties involved in the effort to create a high-performing school are provided in the CD that accompanies the book.  To see some of these tools now, click on tools

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School Synergy provides training for prospective team leaders and team members to learn how to conduct your own On-Site School Review.  We also provide workshops on the High Performing School Effectiveness Indicators.

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